Reifenhandel Miglio

Many years of experience in the worldwide export of used and new tires

"Reifenhandel Miglio" is a company specializing in the purchase and sale of used and new tyres in wholesale trade. The company was founded many years ago and today is one of the oldest exporters for used and new tyres in Germany. Small, medium and large customers from all over the world buy used and new tyres from us because they want to get the best tyre quality at fair prices.

Located in Massen-Niederlausitz we are in the immediate vicinity of three important German metropolises, the German capital Berlin as well as Leipzig and Dresden. Thanks to our reliable forwarding partners with whom we have been working for many years, we are able to deliver your order on time and cost-effectively. You are of course free to organize the transport yourself or to pick up the container yourself at the port. Customers from all over the world trust our service.

Francesco Miglio
CEO of Reifenhandel Miglio

"As an international entrepreneur, it's especially important to me that you get exactly the quality, tyre size and quantity of used and new tyres that you ordered. This is why we would like to cordially invite you to come and visit us to see for yourself the quality of our tyres."

We guarantee high quality and reliable service.

Francesco Miglio is the CEO of Reifenhandel Miglio. Based of his many years of experience in the trade of used and new tyres, he always makes the right tyre selection to guarantee the best quality for your tyres. After so many years in the tyre business, Miglio benefits from a large and trustworthy network of trading partners. This is the reason why Reifenhandel Miglio can offer not only the best quality for it used and new tyres at fair prices, but also the most reliable service when it comes to your tyre delivery.

Take a look at our quality and service offer; contact us for more information or to request a quote and purchase your next used or new tyres from Reifenhandel Miglio!